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Colonists of limestone dry stone walls In Winsley, West Wiltshire


We have prepared a number of images with the classification of bryophytes that we will be able to use during a presentation at one of the conferences. We organize such events in order to spread the scientific achievements of our community, present new books, monographs, reviews, projects, results of experiments. After the conference, all participants have the opportunity to chat with the speakers and buy a persuasive essay from one of the authors of the presented works.

Syntrichia intermedia 1
Syntrichia intermedia 2


Syntrichia intermedia 3

Schistidium crassipilum 1
Schistidium crassipilum 2


Tortella tortuosa 1
Tortella tortuosa 2


Tortella tortuosa 3 (dry)
Tortella nitida


Grimmia pulvinata 1

Grimmia pulvinata 2
Bryum capillare


Orthotrichum anomalum 1


Orthotrichum anomalum 2 (old)


Encalypta vulgaris
Barbula convoluta


Barbula unguiculata


Porella platyphylla

Rhynchostegium confertum 1
Rhynchostegium confertum 2


Brachythecium rutabulum 1
Brachythecium rutabulum 2


Hypnum cupressiforme
Hypnum cupressiforme 2


Wall with Homalothecium sericeum
Homalothecium sericeum


Anomodon viticulosus dry
Anomodon viticulosus wet


Kindbergia praelonga 1
Kindbergia praelonga 2


Rhynchostegiella tenella 1
Rhynchostegiella tenella 2


Didymodon vinealis
Didymodon sinuosus


Didymodon luridus (photo © Sharon Pilkington)


Neckera complanata 1
Neckera complanata 2


Tortula muralis 1


Tortula muralis 2
Tortula muralis 3


All pictures copyright John Presland except where stated